Designed to Fast

Fasting is a royal road to healing, for anyone who agrees to take it, for recovery and for regeneration of the body, mind, and spirit (Dr Oda H F).

Something for your body, mind, and soul sounds like something I simply cannot resist talking on about! As we will see, fasting helps your body in such a way that it helps your mind and in doing that helps bring clarity for our souls! It’s all connected through fasting. And fasting should be natural.

As we evolved, before modern cultures, humans had to go significant periods of time without food,  then eat what they could when they had it, before it spoiled. God made us this way for a reason. Because fasting is also a natural response to love

Anyone who has fallen into romantic love should be very aware of this. We invented the term “lovesick” for this phenomenon. When one experiences love strong enough, they don’t feel like eating or at the least they find that their love is too distracting to even think about eating. Our love for God should work likewise, at times. We fast because our love for God is so strong that we are simply too distracted by loving Him. Fasting should not be hard!

*Disclaimer, it can be physically straining to fast when one is not accustomed to it. We fight the phenomenon our whole live and so we must re-train our bodies to fast. 

The theory of hormesis is behind this – sometimes a little poison is good for us. High doses of minerals found in veggies and fruits can be dangerous but the small amount found in the actual foods is good for you. Exercise rips small tears in our muscle tissue, which get repaired and make us stronger. Vaccines are but a small dose of whatever disease we wish to train our bodies to fight. We see all around us examples where a little pain or ‘poison’, if you will, is good for us. So,  endure the initial pain of fasting, because the hunger does pass!

How is fasting healthy for the body? The answer may as well be simply “yes!” It helps with bettering our natural senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell, and etc. And it has shown through manys’ experience to help in breaking addictions (perhaps because it forces one to learn self-control). Basically, how we experience life right now is immediately improved through fasting. 

Don’t believe me? TRY IT! 

Fasting helps with regulating hormones, as well! It even raises your BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor) levels which immediately begins to supress anxiety levels and elevates your mood! 

Don’t believe me? TRY IT! 

Fasting also works as a true detox. Your body absorbs anything you ate within the first 10 hours then it releases liquid quicker (you urinate a lot) and that’s when your body is dumping any toxins you have. I’ve said before that juicing can’t truly be a detox (it only helps hide your toxins) but fasting truly, immediately detoxes you! 

Don’t believe me? TRY IT!

Much is also done for long-term health benefits. Fasting helps our body to better learn how to reduce and regulate IGF-1, which is a hormone that promotes aging. Yes, you read that right, fasting regularly slows down aging! 

Intermittently fasting also promotes stem cell growth via reducing PKA, thus enabling regrowth of cells in our brains, livers, heart-tissue, and much more. Yeah, fasting can help you regenerate…. The Doctor must fast very often!!!!

Finally, fasting promotes weight loss. This is not starvation! In starvation mode, one’s body learns to preserve itself and burn as little calories as possible, but in a fast (especially intermittent fasts of two days a week or 18 hours a day) one is in fasting mode where the body simply learns to burn what’s there for energy. When you aren’t eating sugars, what’s left to burn is your own body fat! 

Thus your body produces extra Ketones – this stage is called being in ketosis. And this is why I do not recommend fasts for over 3 days  without supervision, and even then I do not recommend it for the body or mind. Prolonged fasts should only be done for the spirit.
Whilst in this stage, your mind is functioning off of these Ketones you are producing by burning your own body fat. Your mind works with much greater clarity in this ketosis mode.


Jesus clearly expects His followers to fast (Matthew 6, Matthew 9, and Luke 5). For spiritual purposes, fasting should be done with purpose and meditation. This purpose can be for any number of things: strengthening prayer, seeking God’s guidance, expressing grief, seeking answers, breaking addictions, or simply expressing love to God (just some examples). But there must be a purpose in order to receive any spiritual benefit. 

“Remember, if it doesn’t mean anything to you, it won’t mean anything to God. “

– Jentezen Franklin

These benefits spiritually start by refocusing us to be more vertically minded. No longer worried about our problems, but instead we learn to focus on what problems God wants us to be concerned with. As we will see Tuesday, when we look at Isaiah 58, fasting will sanctify us. 

Sanctification is the process of becoming holy, it is when we move towards God and His heart. And, God listens to those who draw themselves close to His ear!!!!

Once, when the disciples brought Jesus food, Jesus said He had already ate, when in fact He had not. He filled Himself with doing God’s work. Jesus was “lovesick” for the mission of God. 

It’s time we all learn to be lovesick for God and His mission work. We were designed to worship and we were clearly designed to fast, as it is proven healthy for the mind, body, and soul. If we do not feel obliged to partake in fasting (if you catch yourself saying it is too hard for you) then it is not natural for you when it should be a natural desire. 

If it is not natural for you, then your priorities are not on your health or on God, instead you worship the gods of food. If we aren’t lovesick for God and we choose to idolize food over our own health and over God then we are saying that this McDonald’s french fry is worth my soul and that’s all my soul is worth. To check ourselves, I ask everyone reading to join me and start trying a new fast this week, so we can see how hard it is. It should be natural and if it isn’t then it is time to re-evaluate our priorities and our gods!

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