Eat Avocados


Time for a new food of the month! For December, we are having an avocado month! Sliced avocado goes great with holiday ham! It’s also easy to make snacks with for holiday parties!

The health benefits of avocados are plentiful! They have 26% of your daily recommended amount of vitamin k, 20% of your DRA of folate, 17% of your DRA of vitamin C, 14% of your DRA of potassium, and many electrolytes and other vitamins and minerals, as well! They also have about 50% of your DRA of awesome!

Avocados have more potassium than even bananas! Potassium helps your body regulate contractions in your muscles (including your heart). This means that eating more  avocados can help with muscle cramps and heart health!

Avocados also have a lot of healthy fats! 77% of the calories accumulated from an avocado is fat! Most of us need far more fat in our diets in order to lose weight and stay healthy (especially because of how many shelf foods use “low-fat” tags to attract people to their products).  The fat found in avocados is mostly monounsaturated fat. This type of fat helps lower the triglyceride level in our blood, as well as lower our levels of LDL cholesterol.

Avocados also have Omega-3 fatty acids, which are typically only obtained through eating fish or nuts. This fatty acid is another proponent for good heart health.

Another thing avocados are great for is their high levels of fiber. Anyone on a healthy, high-fat diet is in need of high fiber foods!

With high levels of fiber, high levels of electrolytes, and all that heart-healthy fat – avocados are our Keto-heroes!

So, here’s how to easily incorporate a lot of avocado eating into your holiday season:

Slice avocado up with your holiday ham! This is simple and delicious.

You could also make guacamole, all you need is lime, honey, and your favourite salsa to add to your avocado and you have some great guac!


Finally, I suggest trying to make avocado fries for any holiday party you may find yourself at. All you need is to slice avocado, wrap the slices in bacon, then bake the wrapped avocados until they appear done (set your oven to 350°).


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