Eating Lamb

Lamb is awesome!!!! It tastes great; it isn’t overdone as a food; and, it’s really good for you! Lamb is this month’s food of the month. It is an excellent source of protein and has many essential minerals and vitamins. If you’re on a ketogenic or paleo diet than lamb is your friend because it fills you up quickly and it keeps you feeling full, in my experience. This is especially good for those of us who are just starting off with these types of lifestyle and are still getting accumulated to this diet.


A single serving of lamb can have 20% the daily recommended value of iron and 40% the daily recommended value of zinc. Zinc is the mineral that helps the body grow, heal itself, and promotes a healthy immune system. Both of these minerals are also made more easily absorbable when consumed in lamb than when consumed in plant foods.


Lamb is an omega-3 food also! In many areas, without local rivers for wild fish, lamb is the number one source of omega-3 vitamins available! Remember, omega-3’s are what keeps your hearts healthy!


Lamb is also an excellent source of various b-vitamins. In fact, lamb can have over 100% the daily recommended value of B12 vitamins!!!! If one were to recall the post made a while back about energy, then one would understand how significant this can be to our daily lives and how we serve the Lord with all of our hearts, minds, souls, and strength (Matthew 22:37).

So, this month we aim to eat A LOT of lamb!!!! Not daily, like we did with Bacon or Avocados; but, I do hope we all try to eat lamb 2-3 times a week this month! It will be great for the taste of it, the health of it, and will have you feeling great! I swear, or your money back on this post! …. You paid no money to read this, so that should be easy. Go, enjoy lamb this month!!!!

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