Part 1: Fear: Of the Unknown: The Known: The In-between: Your toilet and the spider living inside it

Josh Noel, here! I was thinking the other day about fear and its implications. I was almost overwhelmed with thoughts! I was looking at the Bible first, where it says that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (Proverbs 1:7).” I also looked to the verse where God declares that He “has not given us a spirit of fear.” Trying to decipher how these two verses complemented each other, I looked to Aristotle’s Doctrine of the Mean.

Aristotle proposes that any right action is in between two extremes. He provides the example of courage being the action found in between blindly running into action and allowing fear to immobilize you. Finally, I let all these ideas (still not a single coherent thought) lead me to the words of The Doctor, “fear is a super power!” He declares this because of how fear allows the body to react to it. Still, nothing I had was yet a single coherent thought, so I turned to the only other person I know whose name is “Doctor”. And, well…. I’ll allow him to explain what he told me over the phone.

So put your hands, fins, and flat-footed feet together (just put anything together that makes a clapping sound really…. He can hear you, trust me, he’s a guy named “Doctor”) for my dear friend, Doctor Showbizhair!!!! …. Doctor Showbizhair:

Fear, fear, fear, fear, fear, afraid of, fear. What does the word mean? Do you use it correctly? I have no idea. But I can tell you some science behind fear.

So, now to all of you that are suspicious of your toilet and the spider it holds, don’t worry. That spider is only found in Australia, the most venomous place on earth. To our Australian viewers, you know this is a joke, because they prefer to hide in your shoes during mating season. Everyone else, ignore that last statement, American spiders don’t hide in shoes. That’s why I always stomp on my shoes and microwave them for 8 seconds before putting them on.

Necromorphs scare us too! *Watch Doctor Who and play Dead Space!


Jokes aside, fear is a serious thing. Fear is what keeps you alive in a sudden dangerous situation. With acute fear, sometimes referred to as fight or flight, several things happen to your body to optimize your ability to survive. Those of you that have taken a basic health class may be aware of this. Your brain during this process, releases adrenal hormones. This cascade of hormones causes your body to rapidly change for survival.

Your heart rate and rate of breathing increases.

Your body stops the process of digestion.

Your body switches over to using fat and glycogen are used as the main energy source.

Your pupils dilate.

Other stuff happens too.

But the main point is that you feel the effects of adrenaline. Most people know the feeling, that quick sudden spike when you see something bad is about to happen. For some, time seems to slow, for others, everything speeds up. The things that trigger this reaction are based on your perception of what is considered dangerous. It doesn’t always apply to you either, that is to say, seeing others in situations you perceive as dangerous can trigger it.

Most people feel like they know this stuff, because for the most part, they do. Fear is an emotional response. You can feel it because a tiger is chasing you, or because you realize that your Mac and Cheese is in the oven and burning.

But the emotion of fear is not always acute. It can be a constant emotion as opposed to a temporary one.  I’m not sure about you, but for me, being in a constant state of fear is stressful. In fact, fear is a major contributor to stress. And while not pleasant, short term stress can be good for your body. The problem comes from not having the stress be short term. A heightened state, like that over long periods of time can cause damage. Those with anxiety disorders can more or less be in a constant state of fear.

They then try to avoid the situations that cause fear, causing them to fear being afraid. From a logical, non emotional stance, this is less than intelligent. But we aren’t dealing with logic. And it is a real problem. Especially when you don’t know you are feeling fear. There are some out there that are not aware of their emotions, so they act on them without realizing why they do what they do. Which is fine if it is short term, maybe. But when it is long term situations, there is no way to change what you are doing if you are not aware that you have a problem. Some, when told they are acting on fear, will laugh and say that you are crazy because they don’t feel afraid.

Which is great JOSH NOEL. I get that you don’t feel emotions like other people, (side note: androids can be annoying, the human like machines, not the phones) but you are still effected by them. Now Josh gave me permission to call him out on this because we have gone through this before. Even without feeling it, he allowed his fear to control his life.

So we should think about what fear really represents. Is it a demon? Possibly, but I expect black eyes and black smoke to indicate its presence. Assuming it is not a demon, what is fear. Fear could be the emotional acknowledgment that one doesn’t have control. Since I said it, I’m going to run with it.

Whenever you feel fear, why do you feel it? Have you ever been afraid because you have control? If so, please go google therapists because you need one. Personally I have never felt afraid when I was in control. Having control is what helps fear dissipate. Which is both good and bad because it means the people that are the most afraid will often try to take control of everything. It makes you feel better.

Think of Batman, has there ever been a human with more self control (in fiction). Not really. Why is he in control you ask. It is because he used control to overcome his fears.

Wait, I’m being told by the network to leave Batman for Part 2. I’m not sure why, but supposedly there is an important point to why you shouldn’t be like Batman. So stay tuned if you care to. If not, I’m afraid I have no idea what you should do.

Josh, again! After Doc Showbizhair offered to me these wise, scientific, riveting, and hilarious words, I began to realize much about my own life. First I realized this concerning my past life, in the dating world – I had always either jumped completely in without thinking (often ending up with people I should’ve never dated) or I let fear immobilize me from ever talking to a girl (never were my actions in between) – both of these extremes are indeed wrong actions.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom because once you understand that He is powerful, righteous, and will one-day judge the world then you begin to more carefully consider your actions. This is just the beginning though, for God has indeed not given us a spirit of fear – we were never meant to be immobilized by fear! Ultimately, what we are all made for is, as GOD says, to “be strong and very courageous, being careful to do according to all the law that Moses my servant commanded you. Do not turn from it to the right hand or to the left, that you may have good success wherever you go.”

Christians are not, of course, under Moses’ law but we are under the principles of Christ – to love God and love each other, sacrificing our very lives to this end – and we are to be strong and very courageous in this effort! We are to do this concerning our romantic efforts, our scholastic efforts, our career efforts and everything we do – doing all things to the glory of God!


In short, fear is a moderate’s superpower!

Things that scare us: Blinking, Volátiles, Necromorphs, and that one episode of Supernatural!


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