Hello again pupils,

I say this not to imply that you are part of an eye but if yours dilated when you saw my name on this post, I thank you. Dilated pupils is a sign you are attracted to me, and dear reader I feel the same way. On an intellectual level only, get your mind out of the gutter.


So today I shall discuss a little pet peeve of mine. Hipsters. To call them a pet peeve is an understatement, they….

Josh is telling me that I am not allowed to rant about that type of pet peeve. I am apparently only able to talk about science and nutrition.

Hipsters fall under neither category. To those of you who have been called hipsters, I am sorry. I over stepped my bounds and hope that you choke on your artisanal pizza without any ingredients that make it a pizza.

SPEAKING OF PIZZA!!!. Do you love pizza? I know I do, the hot cheese, the salty bacon, the garlic crust. Ah how I miss it. I don’t really eat pizza any more because of that pervasive brain killer inside. You have heard the word before if you are a hipster (but you probably don’t know what a protein is). Gluten. The most evil of anything ever.

Josh seriously I am kidding this time.

Okay fine.

I recently read a wonderful book called Brain Grain, by Dr. David Perlmutter. In it he discusses how about 30 percent of people are sensitive to gluten, not just those with celiac disease. Gluten as you will know in the next 8 words is a protein found in wheat primarily. I can go into nutrition stuff but I’m not really in the mood. The great Doctor describes how a whole host of ailments can be cured by removing wheat (gluten) from the diet. He argues that gluten is something that humans were recently exposed to in our evolution. You don’t have to believe in evolution but it is a compelling argument for why we should drop wheat from our diet.

Upon reading this book I decided to try his gluten free diet, because I like my brain and in it he promises results or a million dollars for being a quack (this might not be true). I tried it for 2 weeks and by the end of the two weeks I felt amazing, not to mention I lost 7 pounds, not that I was specifically doing it for weight loss but that was a bonus. Being able to think clearly is something you don’t realize you can do until you get a day of thinking clearly. Its pretty awesome. But this post is only partially about gluten (slightly about hipsters). It is actually about how it is snuck into foods that you wouldn’t think they were in. along with sugar. Which I will also say is a brain killer at high doses. Like in coke. (Both gluten and sugar have addictive qualities)

Would you expect to find gluten in your soy sauce.  I didn’t but apparently wheat is the second ingredient, before soy I might add. Which is crazy but I’m not done with examples.

I have known about the adverse effects of sugar for a while, which made it natural for me to sweeten my tea with Splenda instead of sugar. But at some point I started realizing that I was somehow getting sugar in my diet. And I looked on the label of the sweetener to find the term maltodextrin. Which is a cool way of saying linked sugar molecules. Spenda was able to claim no sugar by technically having no sugar. That’s like saying you don’t have any knives on your person because they are tied together. Obviously that is absolute (insert expletive here).  Funnily enough the way maltodextrin is made sometimes is using wheat.

Gluten acts as a lot of things in your body, it acts like a drug such as heroin, and has a high glycemic index, which raises your blood sugar to potentially unsafe levels.

If you are trying to avoid things in your diet because they are bad for you, but companies are allowed to put them under names you don’t know , this is a problem. Especially if you have extreme sensitivity. I suggest reading Grain Brain, it is a real page turner.

That is pretty much it for this week. I shall include several links and you can find out what you are eating that you wish you weren’t. Seriously soy wasn’t even the second ingredient.

The next post will go more in depth into what gluten and sugar really do.

We (Josh and I) discuss more of this in the podcast, so if you want to check it out feel free. Because it is free.





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