Six weeks ago some of our team got together and decided to share our health journey with everyone. We want to show you, our readers, what it looks like to really be on the journey. None of us are perfect and we are all at different places in our journey, but we are all trying our best and want to reach out to all of you to help you try and do your best also.

Our desire with these posts is to set the bar for ourselves and all of you, so every six weeks we want to update all of our readers about where we were six weeks ago, where we are now, and where we want to be in the next six weeks. This health journey is a spiritual, mental, and bodily journey that we are all excited to share with you!!!! 

The following was written by team leader:
Joshua Noel.

Six weeks ago, I started these charts to show where I was and where I wanted to be. My major goals were to sleep more and gain 20lbs in muscle. These charts show where I am, in my walk, in many ways but they do not accurately show my efforts in getting more and better rest.

I have started listening to a podcast by sleeping expert, Shawn Stevenson, called The Model Health Show. This show has helped me a great deal, but what has helped the most was forcing myself to see how little sleep I was really getting. I did this by creating a weekly list on a black board to mark when I got at least six hours of sleep and when I did not. This list then took the form of checking off when I read at least 3 hours of Bible a day and one hour of other readings a day.

Finally, I added to this list a red dot to show how often I fell for a personal temptation that has been a “thorn in my side” for quite a while (this is nothing too serious, but it still is a sin that I wish to be rid of, so I’m going through this process with God, to remove it from my life). Confronting my sleep problems and my personal on-going struggle with sin has been the hardest part of recording my progress this six weeks.

I  also gained 15 lbs, instead of my goal of 20 lbs. I think that is merely from lack of allotted gym time which I plan on upping this six week period, to get where I want to be. My goal weight is still 180 lbs.

Below, is the black board checklist that I mentioned, showing three different weeks in my life (starting with the week Ratchet and Clank came out on PS4 – that week was rough).

Note: The right side of the board is dedicated to individual tasks to accomplish for that day, when I happened to take the picture.

The following was written by minister and team member: 
JC Prescott, aka The Fanboy Pastor.

Now: Most of my days now are bad, if I’m honest. Normal is what my ideal of a good week is, and good is my dream week. I don’t want to whine or be ‘that guy’ but I struggle with pain most days. This week, I slipped and twisted both my hip and my back, leading to me crying manly tears in my bed for several minutes while my wife did yoga with the kids. So I’m putting off yoga for a few days until I heal up.

On a happier note, I’m having plenty of time to read. I’ve read some great books (some reviews coming soon) and really enjoyed some Bible study. I had the chance to preach three times this month and was able to take lots of notes I’ll never use. I’m getting plenty of sleep, feeling refreshed most mornings (except when the kids had nightmares and wound up between my wife and me).

Unfortunately, I’m not eating right. Well, we’re eating better. Not out as much, but there’s still a lot of cheap food in my house (and some candy). I’m trying, but life happens sometimes. The good news is that the kids are really liking the new menu. We’ve got veggies and fruit. The one thing that’s hard for them is no more chicken nuggets or processed snacks. Unless daddy’s working and they can have Nutella sandwiches and cheese balls.


Six week goal: Baby steps. I think there’s hope to make my way all the way to Good goals, but I’ve got a long road before I get there. I want to be realistic, though. Long-term pain has changed my perception of what success is. For instance, my ideals are attainable, but if I can actually do the things I set out to, it would be quite remarkable: an hour of Bible study a day, reading 2 books a week (not comics, because that’s just not fair), being able to keep up with my kids, preparing 24 meals a week, and getting 6 hours of sleep.

Also, I’ve started listening to podcasts, which gives me another level of busy-ness (but also learning), and I’ll add something pertaining to that in the next 6 weeks. All that being said, tomorrow my goal is to get up, make breakfast for me and the kids, try to do some yoga, and do the other things on my goal list. If I don’t, there’s always tomorrow.

The following was written by nursing student and team member:
Zach Blake.

So, a little bit about my own personal journey:

Roughly 11 months ago I underwent a Roux en Y Gastric Bypass surgery to help me regain control over my eating.  While this allowed me to eat less food, it did not stop me from eating bread/rice/starch/pasta/and sugar.  Through the help of my surgeon and my friends and family I was able to over come this addiction that was destroying my life and now I want to use this space to help not only me continue to improve my self both physically and spiritually, but I want to set an example for all of you readers out there. 

After losing 140 pounds, and focusing on less carbs and more proteins and fats with a decent amount of movement, I feel I have been highly successful with reinvigorating my healthy lifestyle, however one must not become content.  So, starting with the next blog, I am going to reveal what I have done for the past six weeks (whether it was good or bad, I promise to be honest).  From what I ate all the way to what exercise I did.  I feel not only will this help me better myself, but also benefit those of you out there who need help as well!

I feel it is highly important to set clear goals.  So here are mine: Avoid the 5 previously mentioned foods, if at all possible.  Run at least 3 miles, 4 times a week.  Spend a good bit of time each day diving deeper into God’s word.

There is always more steps to take on this journey; you never get perfection, but we all can keep going harder and farther towards better health for our body, mind, and souls with each step we take. Check in mid-July to see if we hit our six week goals! Thanks for doing this journey with us and we hope our example helps you all!

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