Twelve weeks ago, four of us from the site got together and made a commitment to journal our progression through our health journeys in the areas of our minds, bodies, and souls. Six weeks ago, we shared some of what we had learned in this process with all of you. Now, we are back checking in on our progress and being open with you all, our readers. We do this so that we are held accountable for our progression, so that you all can look to us and see how we set our own bars, and so that anyone reading can join us in our journeys!

The following section was written by Dr Showbizhair:

Hello again class, it is I, your teacher, mentor, and not the best role model – Doctor Showbizhair. Alas, students, I have been focused on other endeavors and have not taken the time to record my daily progress in the areas which I wish to improve.

I suppose that statement is not entirely true, I have done some psycho-evaluations upon myself, becoming a better person in the process. That being said, that information is confidential and shall stay between me and my therapist (aka Me, occasionally Josh, my mental approximation of Josh, and the various other thought forms I use to process different parts of my personality.) I have recorded some of my information, but it was only a few days worth, and with so few data points, no conclusions or patterns can be gleaned. However, this time I shall learn from my mistakes. Below this are several areas of improvement I am okay with you being aware of. I shall chart their progress daily and report back when we get to the next time I have to let you invade my personal space. I suppose I should add some goals and at the very least, at the end of six weeks, we will know if my goals exceed my grasp.

Areas of Me:

  • Fitness
  • Health

Goals of the Areas of Me:

  • Record daily goal posts
  • Get to the point where a mile can be run non-stop in under 6 minutes
  • Create a routine including stretches for every morning
  • Reach 170 pounds from my current 187.5 pounds
  • Reduce consumption of food to useful levels, i.e. not overeating (subjectively, I am not weighing my food)
  • Only have significant unhealthy carbohydrate source 3 times over the 6 weeks
  • Be less demeaning and patronizing to plebeians
  • Try to better understand peasant perspectives (maybe by re-watching Galavant)

Until the next post (if all goes well, you will have a lot of graphs to read.)

The following section was written by Joshua Noel:

This six weeks I did not do as many charts as I had the first post in this series. The reason being is that I reached my goal of a 24BMI and I also had encountered other projects and side-goals in my life that needed to be dealt with.

NLHM’s first ever event at Cumberland Island!

In the last six weeks, I went on a hike at Cumberland Island, I have worked camp for my church, got promoted at work, went on vacation to Kentucky (where my family lives) and took on a lot more responsibility at the church – I just took over our ministry for the age group of 18-30 year olds. It has been a great six weeks!

This is me filling up at a gas station on the way to KY…. don’t ask why I look so happy whilst pumping gas – I have no idea

However, with everything going on, I found it difficult to eat as healthy as I would usually like to. Camp didn’t have a lot of low-carb options, Kentucky was filled with pancakes, pie, and many other delicious treats that I indulged in – it would’ve been about wrong not to, and I spent enough time at work that it was next to impossible not to eat the pizzas I was making (not complaining – I love it, honestly!). Shama even commented on how surprised he was to learn that I love carbs as much as him. I usually don’t indulge like I did, and I did not notice any serious gain in weight or anything. I did notice some serious body pains and drowsiness caused by all the carbage, however.

I also had tried to continue the daily counts on my blackboard. That is until I started to feel defeated by how many marks I was putting next to that darned red dot. I was on point with my Bible reading, my extra reading, my sleep was even improving, but I still was failing in this area.

So, I stopped doing it the way I was and began to only count the days that I resisted my sinful nature. I have made the decision to focus all of my efforts to defeating this thorn in my side – I still wish to leave this struggle unnamed. To the left is my count, I have made it one whole week and two days into the next week without giving in (as of the moment I have written this)!


My goals for the next six weeks:

  • Make it the whole six weeks without giving in to my thorn.
  • Get in a routine with work, church, and writing
  • Stay off carbs and be non-drowsy
  • Don’t let Pokemon Go consume me!


The following section was written by JC Prescott:

Now: When I set out to plan my goals, I forgot a few very important things:

  • First, I forgot how my body works. I can be Superman for a whole day: going to the store, buying groceries, putting the groceries away, washing dishes, cooking supper, doing bedtime, and quality time with the wife. And then when I try to sleep, the pain starts. I’m worthless for the next 2 days.  
  • Secondly, I forgot how real life happens and that my ideal schedule might not fit with that of the rest of my family.  
  • Thirdly, I’ve had some new projects come up that have demanded a little more attention than previously thought, basically because I thought they’d never be approved.

My goals haven’t changed. I want to do be able to do the exercises and become more active. The reality is that I simply physically cannot at this point. All my other goals have become realities. I read my Bible and supplement that with real books (in addition to the comics I read). I’m getting between 5-8 hours of sleep a night. I am now keeping the apartment clean, washing dishes, cooking, etc. And we’ve eliminated our meals out. We’ve transitioned to whole foods when possible and realistic. (I’m not spending three times as much for organic mustard. I don’t eat that much for it to make a huge difference.) All in all, it’s been a pretty revealing few weeks, and I want to use the next few weeks to make these new behaviours a habit going forward.

  Good: Normal: Bad:
Exercise: 5 sessions DDP yoga

Daily morning wake up and evening before bed session yoga

3 sessions DDP yoga

Daily morning wake up session yoga

1 session DDP yoga

3 morning wake up session yoga

Energy: 8 hours of sleep and focus 6 hours of sleep and too much energy to sleep No sleep, no focus, and tired
Dealing with Pain: No pain,

Able to do everyday tasks, daily walking,

Special trips with kids (zoo, museum, etc)

Some pain,

Able to do everyday tasks, some walking

Constant pain, no activity
Reading: 1 hour of daily Bible intake

2 books reading

Half an hour of daily Bible intake

1 book reading

Anything less.

Too many comics

Meditation / Prayer: 30 min 15min None
Dietary Disciplines 1 meal out (Sunday lunch)

Whole foods,

Low carbs,

Fruit smoothies,

Breakfast everyday

3 meals out,

Breakfast 3 times,

Limited processed foods

Just not caring:

Candy, dessert, fried things

Six week goal: Let’s just focus on hitting normal for a while before I update my goals.

This six weeks have certainly been a challenge keeping up with for all of us. The truth is that real life makes our personal goals far more challenging than we realize. However, in six weeks we will write again and update everyone. Perhaps, the main take away from this six weeks is that your goals and health priorities have to be such that they are achievable in real-life, difficult situations. Showbizhair had recently said in a call, “your health lifestyle is useless if it doesn’t account for difficult life situations.”  I think that is our lesson. We must make room for things to come up, new projects to appear, and vacations to be had!


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