This last month has easily contained the most problems we have ran into with our progress charting for you all in these “Setting the Bar” posts! Our last six weeks actually should have been half-way through August; however, some of our team was not healthy enough to make the post. Sense we have had these health issues and other complications, we have learned a lot about the reality of health for the body, mind, and soul.

Hopefully, seeing how we all have handled our health throughout these difficult situations can help inspire all of you reading to do your best in difficult situations, as well. Hopefully, all of us on the writting team here can help inspire one another, also.

The following section was written by Joshua Noel.

Okay, so the last time we did one of these posts my life-goals were listed as such:

  • Make it the whole six weeks without giving in to my “thorn”.
  • Get in a routine with work, church, and writing
  • Stay off carbs and be non-drowsy
  • Don’t let Pokemon Go consume me!

However, I was in an accident (I can’t give details, but I can make up stories about being attacked by a dragon instead) and, thus, I was in emergency care for quite a while. So, as far as not giving into temptation, I have been incapable of doing so, thus forcing me to break that bad habit – PRAISE THE LORD-y! **read in the accent of an extremely excited Pentecostal church elder**


  • My routines were wrecked.
  • I’ve been just eating what’s available (including carbs), as I can’t earn money for buying my own foods.
  • With all these injuries and medicines, I have certainly been drowsy the last few weeks.
  • I CAN’T EVEN PLAY POKEMON GO!!!! – as I can’t walk around to find the Pokemons!


The routines thingy should explain itself, I think.

I usually do pretty well with getting healthy food options, at affordable prices. But, without much a means to said end, or the ability to walk around my kitchen and cook for myself – I had to eat what everyone else in my house was eating, this included many-a-carb.

I plan on adding back in the healthy foods I enjoy into my diet, slowly,  and remove most of the carb-age once more, as well. I also wanted to make it back up to 180lbs by the end of August, if you recall, but I actually lost weight with all of this and am now at 160lbs. When this is all over, I plan on trying to gain back my weight to get back to a healthy 24BMI.

So, with that drowsiness thing, my plan is to stop needed medicines…. and not get injured severely again??

And, once I can walk around a little better, I WILL HAVE MORE ADVANCED POKEMON THAN YOU ALL!!!!


Other important updates include:

  • I have trained myself to read with more effectiveness. I cannot read as long at a time as I was reading before my injuries, so I have learned to read better.
  • I have become a more spiritual person, as I have had much more time for prayer.
  • My Bible intake has increased (though much of it now comes in an audio format).


I will do my best to chart my progress and let you all know how my healing process has gone in six weeks with the next “Setting the Bar” post!

The following was written by "The Fanboy Pastor", aka JC Prescott.

Now: My plans and designs are completely out of sync with reality. The past few weeks have seen some projects get approved and then have the bottom fall out. If I’m honest, I’ve not had the best past couple of weeks. I’m barely treading water right now, feeling overwhelmed. By the time this is published I’ll be back in classes [link to cont. Ed. post], will be homeschooling my kids, and in charge of my regular duties as a stay at home dad.

Good: Normal: Bad:
Exercise: I don’t know anymore
Reading: 1 hour of daily Bible intake

2 books reading

Half an hour of daily Bible intake

1 book reading

Anything less.

Too many comics

Meditation / Prayer: 30 min 15min None
Dietary Disciplines: 1 meal out, Whole foods,

Low carbs,

Fruit smoothies,

Breakfast everyday

3 meals out,

Breakfast 3 times,

Limited processed foods

Just not caring:

Candy, dessert, fried things

Six week goal: re-setting my ideals. What I want to be normal doesn’t seem possible at this time. So I’m completely back to the drawing board. My dietary goals are on point, but my activity goals aren’t. Let’s see how the school year plays out this 6 weeks and go back to making plans. I can’t control my energy level. I can’t control my pain tolerance. Those things have been erased from the table. I don’t know what to expect for exercise, or what’s even possible.

You are on the wireless air with a host known as Doctor ShowbizHair.

I can now say without a doubt I have done a lot of growth in the last six weeks. Maybe not as much as I planned but it is important to have lofty goals out of our reach so we keep striving for our own betterment. Because often times we judge a person’s health by just a few silly numbers,  I shall give you those numbers and then talk about what I actually accomplished in comparison to my “lofty” goals.

At my last count before my scale stopped working I was at 180 pounds, 7 pounds down. Which is not bad in 6 weeks, while it is not super fast progress, it is consistent and that is more important in many ways. As far as my running goals, I have not even tried because right after the last post some jerk decided to take my attentions away from that by almost dying, here’s looking at you Josh. I have been much better about managing to actually record my daily food intake with one exception. On the days that I eat unhealthily, I generally don’t record it. I’m pretty sure it is so I didn’t have to report that I ate badly and if I forget that I ate badly last week, who will know? The answer is that my body will feel the effects even if I don’t remember.

So, my next goal is to just to record everything daily if I can. Essentially transcribe my being and data into a more permanent form. I plan to carve the data into the stone tablets I bought for just such a purpose.

Another area of real improvement is decreasing the amount of food that I eat. I have really started to realize how little food humans need to get by in a day happily. And as a side note, I know why at least one third of Americans are obese. The combined unhealthiness of the food plus the large quantities which actually makes you hungrier ensures that this is the outcome. I suggest that those who read this go to Josh’s smiley face diet and start trying it. It is rather freeing realizing you don’t have to eat as much, and it has been substantially cheaper. Even though the foods I buy are more expensive, I use less of them so I actually spend less money over all. Plus I lose weight. That’s kind of a win win on my tablet.wp-1467871383005.jpg

I should add that I have managed to get back through Galavant so I now understand you peasants, so as an offering I will give a new list of stuff that I will probably make it half way to.

Did I mention that I started reading one research paper a day? It is really helping me overall.


  • -Hit 175lbs as weight if not less
  • -Record when I eat poorly (i.e. SMD (Standard ‘Murican Diet)
  • -Increase my daily stretching
  • -Meditate daily (Not “feel-good meditation”, doing something that removes my focus from a problem to allow me to tackle it more creatively.)
  • -Increase my daily reading
  • -Start Running (duh)
  • -Find out what all the hype about the show Community is about?


Having goals is extremely important!

We must all aim our goals high enough that we will reach further than we think we can. Then, we must be ready to not reach those goals – whether it’s because of circumstance, will-power, or whatever.

Hopefully, seeing how we all are doing with our goals and with setting new ones will help everyone reading. We, on this site, are a team (every post this month will be done in collaboration with two members of our writing team to help show this on the site) and we want everyone reading to feel a part of this team!

So, please email us your goals so that  we can keep up with one another in becoming more and more healthy concerning our minds, bodies, and souls!

…. and we’ll be back with our progress in about six weeks!!!!


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