SEAS SATISFACTION – satisfying the heart, body, & soul

SEAS SATISFACTION – satisfying the heart, body, & soul

HI EVERYONE!! Ms. Musical Mermaid here coming to you from land and sea with practical applications of nutrition and music that will keep your heart, body, and soul healthy and happy as a clam!


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Grilling on a Budget

So, this month’s overall theme is enjoying the great outdoors. I don’t do outside. I don’t fish, though I used to be real good at sitting in a boat and drinking beer (7 years sober!). I don’t hike, even when my hip worked. One thing I do enjoy, however, is grilling. There’s something about meat (and veggies) and fire in a controlled environment. And I am a grilling rock star*, BOW BEFORE ME, PEONS!!!! But, I’m also usually broke. How do we grill on a budget? Continue reading “Grilling on a Budget”

Bacon: Heart-Healthy, Meat-Candy


Bacon is heart-healthy, meat-candy!!!! Bacon is the meat of kings. Bacon is the Morgan Freeman of meats. AND IT IS GOOD FOR YOU!!!! People often ask what can we eat on a diet guided by The Emoji Diet Guideline and my first response is usually bacon!
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