Grilling on a Budget

So, this month’s overall theme is enjoying the great outdoors. I don’t do outside. I don’t fish, though I used to be real good at sitting in a boat and drinking beer (7 years sober!). I don’t hike, even when my hip worked. One thing I do enjoy, however, is grilling. There’s something about meat (and veggies) and fire in a controlled environment. And I am a grilling rock star*, BOW BEFORE ME, PEONS!!!! But, I’m also usually broke. How do we grill on a budget? Continue reading “Grilling on a Budget”


Bacon: Heart-Healthy, Meat-Candy


Bacon is heart-healthy, meat-candy!!!! Bacon is the meat of kings. Bacon is the Morgan Freeman of meats. AND IT IS GOOD FOR YOU!!!! People often ask what can we eat on a diet guided by The Emoji Diet Guideline and my first response is usually bacon!
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