The Context of Our Discipline

The Context of Our Discipline

No one can focus on every discipline at once. I love to talk about disciplines; I’m passionate about it, but it relies on context. Within nutrition, there are times for disciplines that help one lose weight and there are times for disciplines that help one gain weight; the same is true with both psychological and spiritual disciplines!

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Book Review: The Celtic Way of Evangelism

51en5WGHc0LOne of the services I’ll be providing for New Life’s blog is book reviews. I have several in the works, but I’m very excited about this first one.

While I spend a lot of time reading comics and working with my kids, I also have an intellectual side that craves knowledge. That craving for knowledge led me to teach Church History. There are so many things that have been lost to the Church, primarily because those in charge (first the Roman Catholic Church, then whatever arm of Protestantism was prevalent in your region) silenced their competition by banning and burning books and sometimes people…okay, usually people along with the books.
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