Brain Drain

Brain Drain

Doctor Showbizhair:

You are on the Ethernet air with Doctor Showbizhair. Last week JC and I had a cool little conversation on an excellent book called Grain Brain, by David Perlmutter, MD. Now we only had twenty minutes to talk about stuff and we got a little side tracked on a fascinating subject. But since this is about Grain Brain I suppose it should be limited to discussion. Continue reading “Brain Drain”


The Most Intimate of Holidays

Christmas is a time when friends and family get together to celebrate the hope that came with Christ’s birth. Thinking about this begs the question of why friends and family come together for this time of year. There are two different reasons, truly. Family come together out of a sense of love that’s bred through familiarity. We want those whom we are familiar with around for these times, because we trust them enough to let them into a special part of our lives – this is really a rather intimate sentiment. Note that not all family is blood; some family are by choice – anyone you can say “good ole ____” about may be considered family. Friends are those who share in something; in fact, C.S. Lewis says that friends have to be about something, in order to be true friends. Friends come together in these times to share future hopes for whatever the friendship is about. If Christians are first about Christ, then Christian friendships ought also be about Christ first – which, in turn, means that the most intimate time of the year for Christian friends is indeed Christmas.

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