Livin’: Body, Mind, and Spirit

Livin’: Body, Mind, and Spirit


Hey everybody, long time no talk!  I have been extremely busy living life to the fullest.  I got married, my wife and I got a puppy, and I started a new full time job as a patient care tech – all while still going to school full time.  Sounds like I got a lot on my plate right?  Sounds like I am living life right?  Well, I am here today to say I have not been living the way I was supposed to be living.  To explain why I said this, I am going to tell you a little story: Continue reading “Livin’: Body, Mind, and Spirit”


The Empty Pursuit of Happiness

The Empty Pursuit of Happiness

One of the most annoying things about me is that I tell stories…. like, nonstop. I tell a lot of stories and I have a lot of stories – these stories make up what is my life in many ways, and I like to share my life with others. I like to share because I am fulfilled in my life and I have substance to what I do; I want everyone to have that with me.
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Where You Invest Your Love

Go ahead and grab some popcorn, this is a long one, but totally worth it, with special guest: Shama Mreme!!!!

Find someone worth your investment and invest whole-heartedly!!!!

Whilst writing this, Shama’s words continue to ring in my head, I check over my shoulder for him, “Shama, is that you?” Whew, no it’s not…. That was creepy!

Shama and King Lemuel’s mother both share similar inspiration in guiding people to be able to discern who or what is worth their investments. Shama speaking to youth everywhere, and this mother speaking affectionately to her son. That is the context of Proverbs 31 – a mom speaking affectionate wisdom to her son, the king.

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Wisdom Literature

Religion as a whole, theology especially, is criticised for being pointless; worse, it has been called only a place for tension, argument, and wars. This may often be true, but wisdom literature in the Bible presents a practical theology which may allow for a more pointed and tension-free Christian philosophy.

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